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(DISE: 29260706210)

Coursers offered: 1st to 7th Standard (For age group from 5.5 years onwards)


The Primary School consists of Grades 1 to 7. Curriculum is based to an extent on the DSERT Programme, but major curriculum has been developed by our staff. The intention was to create a flexible curriculum framework that allowed us to explore myriad ways of inculcating skills and understanding during the course of our students’ creative learning journey. The subjects taught in the Primary School can be divided into 6 subject groups: First Language (Kannada), Second Language (English), Third Language(Hindi), Mathematics, Science, Social Science. Co-curricular activities like Arets, Computers, SUPW and Physical Education.


The content in every subject area has been carefully chosen by the staff to ensure that our students are comfortable in any cultural setting whilst being comfortable with their own cultural roots as well. The best curriculum and the teachers make every attempt to go above and beyond prescribed textbooks. The curriculum is designed and delivered to ensure that our students move on from the Primary School to High School years as knowledgeable, inquiring, reflective, principled and independent thinkers.


For More details contact: 0821- 2470611, 2973612, 

Whatsapp: 90353 64059

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