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(DISE: 29260706210)

Learning to be, learning to know, learning to live, learning to learn.

The School is affiliated to the KSEEB. The medium of instruction is English and the first language for all classes from VIII to X is Kannada. Hindi is a third language. School has shown excellent results in X Board examinations. 


Students are made to feel connected to everything that goes on in the world- through projects, curriculum related activities like excursions, workshops, seminars, films, Audio Visual classes and national and international festivals and School day. Teacher and student workshops are held by eminent subject experts. Counselors and teachers work with parents to guide students identify their capabilities and potential. Classes VIII to X are given special counseling. The Syllabus for Classes VIII to X is according to the guidelines laid down by the DSERT. Physical Education and work experience are an essential part of the curriculum. Computer science is compulsory for all classes. 


We encourage independence in our students to develop individual interest and be passionate about what they wish to do.

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